Mike Nobel "Here Comes Yesterday"
Reviewed December 26, 2000 by Eric Houg

Date:  Wed, 22 Nov 2000

Dear Eric:
My name is Mike Nobel, composer of a song called, "Househusband Macho!".  Sometime I search on the web to see where the song has traveled, and I read your review of "Power Salad" where you mention my song (in a favorable light, thanks!).  I would really enjoy learning where you heard my song. I know a lot of people heard it on the "Keepers" (now re-released as, "Keepers Plus") album which is a fundraising CD for Minnesota Public Radio.  Thanks for your time. It would be great to hear from you.
Mike Nobel

Score: 90  100 means excellent.  Scores range from 0 to infinity, infinity being best.

All songs have singing and piano.  Some songs add other instruments and sounds.  All songs down to even the lowest rank are still well done and pretty, but with no funny.  They basically are ranked by interest to me.  There are topical songs as old as 1979 but some of them have become relevent again, hence the name of the album.  This is a real CD with an 8 page booklet.

The songs in order from approximately best to approximately most boring.
1.  Househusband Macho!  4:16
A great funny and manly song that will make any househusband feel proud of the tough job he does.

4.  Poppa Votes For President  2:22
A topical song from Palm Beach County Florida involving George Dub'ya and Al Gore with a laugh out loud good line.  Yiddish flavor.  I suppose other songs on this album will overtake this one's #2 rank later, but it's topical now.

13.  Those Old Time Lovers  3:05
OK, so this guy goes into a senior citizens singles night, see, and starts playing old fogeys' music.  Well, the grannies and grandpas wanted to hear some hot tunes so they could boogy, and they wore out that young whippersnapper.

18.  The Wood Heat Song  1:53
A rousing song about choppin' and burnin' and snubbing Shell, Mobil and the Ayatollah.

16.  A Smokers Cough  1:33
Uh, smoking is bad. Explained here with a classical orchestra.

9.  No-Name Franks Medley  3:57
Finally a jingle for a generic product.  "No Name, a name you can trust."
  I.  Franks At The Opera
  II. Cowboy Meets Franks
  III. Franks In Grease

11.  Where's The Beef!?  1:49
An old song that elaborates on the old Wendy's commercial catch phrase as applied to Walter Mondale, life, the universe and everything.

10.  Poison Plutonium Rag  1:31
A snap happy tune with sarcasim for nuclear power.

7.  Pediculosis Stomp  2:47
The head lice song.

14.  Gouge 'Em 'Till They Bleed  3:04
A better poke at the oil companies than attempted in song #5.

2.  The Satellite Hop  2:53
A song about what to do when the satellite falls from the sky.  It's borderline children's song material.  Ya better listen cuz space station Mir is coming down soon.

15.  How Can I Sing The Blues When I Feel So Good  3:49
A song idea not unlike Henry Phillips "Fresh Out Of Blues".

3.  Sperm Bank Raider  2:52
There's no good punchline in this song.  The tune is similar to Househusband Macho.  Kids, go ask your mother.

17.  Stuck In The President's Pants  2:09
A Clinton's willy song criticizing the amount of media coverage of the president's pants.

5.  Scary Halloween  3:29
An odd mix of Halloween, stocks, price gouging oil companies, and the politicians they own.

6.  The Lonely MX Blues  2:16
A song from the missile's point of view.  A political poke at Reagan.

12.  Final Exam  3:15
Just a little bit about school.  Mostly about growing up living life.  Mildly ponderous.  No, wait, it's just boring.

19.  Voices Of Children  1:17
A gentle weepy wambly song about listening to the childeren. Not my kind of song.

21.  For Every Child  1:51
Gentle, boring.

20.  These are the Ones Who Die  2:16
Gentle, boring.

8.  The Freeze Song  2:45
Gentle, boring.  I thought it was about nature but the liner notes say it is about a freeze on nuclear weapons.
      Most boring

Tracks listed in track order
01.  Househusband Macho!  4:16
02.  The Satellite Hop  2:53
03.  Sperm Bank Raider  2:52
04.  Poppa Votes For President  2:22
05.  Scary Halloween  3:29
06.  The Lonely MX Blues  2:16
07.  Pediculosis Stomp  2:47
08.  The Freeze Song  2:45
09.  No-Name Franks Medley  3:57
10.  Poison Plutonium Rag  1:31
11.  Where's The Beef!?  1:49
12.  Final Exam  3:15
13.  Those Old Time Lovers  3:05
14.  Gouge 'Em 'Till They Bleed  3:04
15.  How Can I Sing The Blues When I Feel So Good  3:49
16.  A Smokers Cough  1:33
17.  Stuck In The President's Pants  2:09
18.  The Wood Heat Song  1:53
19.  Voices Of Children  1:17
20.  These are the Ones Who Die  2:16
21.  For Every Child  1:51

Total playing time: 55:18
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From Mike Nobel
December 28, 2000

Hi, Eric

I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful and thorough review of my new CD, "HERE COMES YESTERDAY!". I'm really happy you gave me such a good score, and that there were at least several songs on the album that earned enthusiastic comments from you. I've had great feedback on the CD so far, especially for the 16 or so comedy cuts on the album. And thank you! for buying the CD from the online store, klaritymusic.com/comedy/ (Klarity Multimedia is a bunch of especially nice people in a small Maine town who do state-of-the-art mastering and manufacturing for many independent
songwriters, including celebrities like Arlo Guthrie).

In the best-worst spectrum of your opinions, I completely understand how the several emotional songs about children and peace on the CD might be called "weepy, gentle, boring" as you reviewed them. I knew including these songs was a little risky, and that most people prefer comedy material over the sentimental stuff.

The "emotionality" is also part of how I look at the world, especially regarding issues like peace, and the welfare of kids. Hopefully most people buying the CD will enjoy the "overwhelming majority" of comedy songs, and forgive me for the sentimental ones! Maybe there are fellow bleeding hearts out there who will like the "feeling" stuff too!

THANKS again for your interest, and for a great web site that's gives songwriters like myself a great opportunity to find an audience for our work.

Mike Nobel  Gorham, Maine
"HERE COMES YESTERDAY!" 21 song CD klaritymusic.com/comedy