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Raymond & Scum mini album
Reviewed April 6, 1999 by Eric Houg

All four of these songs are well played and sung, with professional quality sound, except maybe the occasional AC hum in quiet passages.  The album is a 4-song homemade CD-R thingy with full CD tray inserts and stuff, but no pretty pictures.

(Nobody Loves The) Comedy Band
No song until now has described the comedy band situation so well.  Yeah, when was the last time a radio station went novelty?  The comedy section in the music store is nowhere to be found.  This band is staying the course with their "boing" and "doink" enhanced music.  And it rocks.

Scooby Dooby Blues
I thought the Scooby Doo TV show was kind of dorky, so I figured I wouldn't care for this song either.  Wrong.  I chuckled, enjoyed the lyrics, and the song rocks too.

Ode To Debi
(To be confused with the Throwing Toasters song "Debbie" with a similar subject.)  It's about a guy who wants to get back together with a girl named Debi, although the odds of that happening are extremely bad.  It's amusing for the number of words that almost rhyme with Debi.  The basic song idea is similar to Weird Al's "You Don't Love Me Anymore".  The music is plodding heavy rock sound.

Surf Monster, U.S.A.
I guess the funny thing about this is the sci-fi creepy surf monster idea mixed with the woo-ee-oo surf music sound.

Songs ranked best to worst
(Nobody Loves The) Comedy Band
Scooby Dooby Blues
Ode To Debi
Surf Monster, U.S.A.

Raymond & Scum website: